Pot Using Bipolar Patients Exhibit Excellent Cognitive Skills

Bipolar disorder is a serious disease which is chronic in nature. It causes various symptoms to appear in the people who are suffering from this disease. One of the symptoms is decreased cognitive ability. Those who suffer from this disease will not have proper cognition, which is a higher function by the brain. When this function of the brain is not proper, it means that the person is not able to think straight and the person may not be able to have good discerning power. All these cloud their ability to make decisions. This is why the disease has to be treated by a psychiatrist. Some of the people who are not treated may even commit suicide. Such is the seriousness of the disease. The disease needs to be treated as soon as possible with the greatest of care. One of the best methods in which this disease can be treated is by using pot, which is also called as medical marijuana.

Sour  marijuanaThe journal Psychiatry Research has published a research article about the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of about 200 patients with bipolar disorder. The results show that the people who have been treated with pot have better cognition than those who have not been treated with pot.

Skills that can be improved by using cannabis:

1. Verbal ability: There is improved verbal ability of those who use cannabis for the treatment of their bipolar disorder. Verbal skills are decreased in those suffering from this disease. When they use this medicine, there is rapid improvement in the verbal ability and they are able to have improved coherent speech.

2. Cognitive skills: The other cognitive skills of the person are also improved. There is better coordination and more motor skills than those who have not used medical marijuana as a treatment option. Since the medication helps those suffering from this chronic disease, it is better to get rid of the disease using pot.

3. Attention: Those who have attention deficit because of bipolar disorder can also benefit from using pot. The use of cannabis will help in improving the attention span of the affected people. They will be able to concentrate more on specific activities.

4. Speed of functioning: The speed of functioning is improved. Since motor skills are improved, they are able to function better because of the use of medical marijuana.

5. Memory: There is improved memory in those with bipolar disorder who are treated with medical marijuana. This helps them to overcome various day to day problems.

Medical Marijuana Tops List Of Effective Analgesics

There are several analgesics that are used for the treatment of several chronic diseases. The problem with the treatment of these chronic diseases is that the analgesics have to be given for many years on a continuous basis. The repeated use of such analgesics can lead to serious problems. Some of the problems and complications include those like kidney failure, damage to the liver and other problems. There could also be accommodation, which means that even with high doses of a pain killer; there may not be any pain relief. This happens when analgesics are used continuously for many years.

Why medical marijuana can be used as analgesic:

1. Black Jack feminizedTHC reduces pain sensation: Medical marijuana can be used as an analgesic because of the presence of THC compound in it. This is a compound that will help in interfering with the pain sensation in the brain. Instead of the pain, there will be an analgesic effect that makes a person live a much better life. The quality of life improves in those who use medical marijuana for pain relief.

2. No side effects: There are no side effects that are present even when those with chronic pain use medical marijuana continuously for many years. When the other drugs are used for even a few days, there could be serious complications. There are even some fatalities when there is acute kidney failure caused by rampant analgesic use. On the other hand, the regular use of medical marijuana does not cause any side effects and the person can lead a normal lifestyle, pain free.

3. Reduces dependency on medication: In a survey done on many people suffering from chronic diseases that cause pain, it was found that most of them could not live without their pain medications. They were completely dependent on the pain medication and when it was stopped for a few days, they could not lead a normal life. They used to have severe pain sensation that even became uncontrollable in some people. It is usually a sign that the person is dependent on pain medication. Medical marijuana is a drug that will help in overcoming this addition to pain killers. Marijuana has even been used effectively in countering alcohol abuse. So, it is able to help those who are dependent on pain killers to overcome this dependency and addiction.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in many different ways, including inhalation, smoking, pill form and others. Since there are many ways to use this medicine, it provides a useful choice for patients too.